Our Team is Ready to be Part of Your Team

From design assist phase, to the construction phase, to overseeing the completion of your next project, our team will be there working with you and the project team.  No matter how large or how small the project is you will be satisfied working with the team at Wallace P. Johnson Plumbing and Heating, Inc.


Plumbing Specialists

Wallace P. Johnson Plumbing and Heating, Inc. provides plumbing services competitively, accurately and on time.  We realize that construction projects are time sensitive and respond quickly to our customers inquiries. All of our management are very accessible to all of our customers.  Not having to go through levels of management for decisions is a refreshing experience for our new customers.

Our ongoing investment in equipment is a crucial element in our ability to meet and beat deadline schedules, which is often unheard of in comparison to our competition.


Wallace P. Johnson Plumbing and Heating, Inc.’s Pre-Construction department consists of a manager dedicated solely to the procurement of work for our project managers.  Our team offers extensive experience in estimating and design assistance for industrial buildings, office buildings, food and beverage facilities, medical buildings, and multi-purpose facilities.  Build a team relationship with Johnson Plumbing!  We offer general constructors, owners and developers access to our experience, value engineering process, project scheduling, to help plan a project with budget and schedule a priority and keeping the integrity of the project a priority.


Wallace P. Johnson Plumbing and Heating, Inc.’s Construction department is made up of key personnel consisting of a construction coordinator, field superintendents, and delivery drivers.  Our field personnel become the face of our company representing Johnson Plumbing and our values that we celebrate.   Our professional staff of superintendents, plumbers, journeymen, apprentices, labors and operators can provide knowledge and experience for:

  • Layout and excavation of underground utility systems
  • All domestic piping systems
  • Process piping systems
  • Roof storm drainage systems, including siphonic roof drainage systems


Design/Engineering Capabilities

A key distinction of Wallace P. Johnson Plumbing and Heating, Inc. is our design and engineering capabilities, which allow a project to get off the ground quickly.  We provide a turn-key project, including engineering, design, city or county permit process, and complete construction services.  Our team helps you in every phase to complete your project.

Whether your project is new construction, upgrades or modernization, Wallace P. Johnson Plumbing and Heating, Inc. can help.  Our projects include commercial buildings, high rises, office complexes, industrial facilities, warehouses, and shopping centers.

Wallace P. Johnson Plumbing and Heating, Inc. offers a team of designers that use AutoCAD for detailing drawings.  We have access to mechanical engineers to review and stamp drawings for required jurisdictions.